Yer A Mess
  (W. Seth Russell)

Well lookie see here what the cat dragged in.
Hangin’ in the doorway with a half-baked grin.
The look on your face says you’re guilty as sin.
You smell like wet cigarettes and two dollar gin.
My sweet sainted mother tried to warn me about you.
You had a black satin cover that I couldn’t see through.
And all them stories well, they must’ve been true.
Hangin’ in the alley getting’ black and blue.
   Yer A Mess!
   Yer A Mess!
Sneakin’ out the back door with a bottle in hand.
You don’t think about it, just a one night stand.
Hangin’ ‘round the stage door waitin’ for the band.
You’re a vamp with a tramp stamp, broken heart and…
  Yer A Mess!!
  Yer A Mess!!

Yer A Mess
(W. Seth Russell)
Forbidden Pig Music
BMI Admin. by BMG Music Group

Billy Bacon: Vocals, basses, Drums & perc.
Evan Johns: Lead and Rhythm Electric Guitars.

Recorded at:
Swine Song Studio, Granite Shoals, TX.