Fountain of Tears
  (W. Seth Russell)
We don’t even sleep in the same room.
Guess it doesn’t matter anymore.
All I ever get from you is doom,
 How life’s not worth living, it’s just a chore.
Started getting letters in the mail.
Telling us we had to sell the farm.
No one really sets out just to fail
Life’s so damned complicated, it’s lost it’s charm.
So I’m headed for the mountain.
The time has come to face my fears.
I’ll toss a penny in the fountain
The fountain of tears.
We don’t even live in the same town.
I’m trying to account for all the years.
But I don’t ever let bring me down.
I just tell my story to the fountain of tears.
I hear the thunder from the mountain
I haven’t heard that sound for years.
So many coins that I stopped countin’
Tossed in the fountain of tears.
The fountain of tears

Fountain of Tears
(W. Seth Russell)
Forbidden Pig Music
BMI Admin. By BMG Music Group

Billy Bacon:
Vocals, All instruments

Recorded at:
Swine Song Studio, Granite Shoals, TX.